25th Anniversary

Next year there will be 2 ways to get your work into the SUN Awards

To mark SUN Award’s 25th Birthday we will not only be presenting the 50 best images but also highlighting a group of photographic images spanning the 25 years of SUN’s existence. The combined photographs will form a much larger catalogue and exhibition to celebrate our art and our businesses.

sun 25th anniversary book

This retrospective of commissioned images will demonstrate some of the ways in which the production and use of pho- tography has changed over the years.

Twenty-five years have seen massive changes not only in the technology of image capture but also in the manner in which the images are used and distributed, unfortunately not always in the photographer’s favour. Some would argue that with the introduction of electronic retouching the levels of skill required from the photographer have been greatly reduced and devalued which has inevitably lead to a diminishing day rate but we know different.

The basics remain exactly the same however. The combination of light and lens are how it’s always been and the use of these elements still making the difference between one photographer and another.

• We want you to send in your best images. Anything produced and used commercially within the last 25 years will be eligible.

• We hope torepresent asbroad aspectrum ofwork as possible to document this period together with details of the use and manner of production.

• Every image has a story behind  it, and we want you to tell us those stories too.

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