Swimming the Cyan Sea

Jack Lowe added to Swimming the Cyan Sea

We’re delighted to say we have now secured an extra speaker for Redeye’s keynote digital workflow day – Swimming the Cyan Sea – surviving the digital imaging revolution, in Bradford on 28th March.

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Jack Lowe is one of the UK’s leading providers of digital services on behalf of photographers. His company specialises not just in the traditional lab skills of top quality scanning, retouching and printing, but is also available to manage and advise on workflow for photographers, and in particular offers advice on supplying CMYK files, which is an unknown area for many photographers. He will talk about what can be done by the photographer themselves and when it is advantageous to use the services of an expert, and look at what makes the difference between a good print or file and an outstanding one.

Keeping up with technological change is becoming a major headache for photographers. It’s not just digital imaging, but colour management, workflow, cataloguing, file supply, proofing, printing, not to mention emailing, accounts and websites that you need to know about.
Do you learn them all yourself, delegate to an assistant, subcontract, or just throw up your hands in despair?

Perhaps the person best qualified to guide photographers on how to manage this change is Bob Marchant.
A leading photographer, he has also been at the forefront of establishing agreement across the photo, design and press industries on how to deliver and handle digital image files. He believes that when you are working at the coal face of supplying a client, regardless of technical theory, there are many practical steps you can take to make sure the integrity of your image stays intact.

Ed Horwich created Prodig and is a longstanding figure in the Association of Photographers.
The day starts with a practical approach to digital workfl ow from image capture to press with an update on many of the recent initiatives on best practice guidelines in this arena (UPDIG, PPA, IQA, PAB, DAL etc) and how they can help you. How can you adopt a belt and braces approach to file supply and in the process help educate your clients?

It will also consider ways of educating yourself: where should you go for reliable information, what should you learn yourself, and what can be safely delegated or subcontracted?

TUES 28 MAR; 11AM TO 4:30PM
Price £35 (£25 consessions).
(Lunch will not be provided but can be obtained from the museum café)

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