SUN24 Judges

Glen Cartwright:
Glen is Creative Director at Beautiful Minds, soon to become the creative arm of Bloom digital agency. He has won awards from all over the place for all manner of work. He photographed his friend Mr Ted on a recent night out in Leeds. He says “Well, not a lot to say about Mr Ted, apart from he is 6 foot tall, he’s nearly too big to fit in the Citroen C1. Has his own bedroom, and loves a pint with the lads in the local. He moved to Norfolk recently and now lives with my grand- daughter Kya. This photo is the only memory I have left. If anyone knows a lonely female Ms Ted who fancys a good night out please pass on her number.” The photo was shot with Hisptamatic on iPhone.
Laurence Cutting:
Laurence has had an interesting and diverse career. He spent time in the merchant navy studied at the Royal College had some shots used on Grandstand credits amongst other things and had numerous exhibitions both here and around the world. He has taught at Brighton, St. Martins, Manchester and Harrogate colleges and has recently returned from Mongolia were he has been working on a 7 year project. His shot of the racehorse after exercise was part of a series on the Kentucky Derby. One of the guys washing the horse down asked Laurence where he was from, Laurence replied England and explained what he was doing, after a long pause the questioner looked at his workmate and said “is that out of state?”. Later Laurence found out that many of the horse workers came from small communities in the Appalachian Mountains and had little idea of the outside world.
Roy Meiklejon:
Roy was made the Honorary President of BIPP this year, as well as being chairman of the judges for this year’s SUN Awards 24. Roy has had a long association with  Shot Up North since the early days and is a great supporter through the sponsorship of Towergate Camerasure. This photo of his daughter Jess outside Lincoln Cathedral was taken last January. The ducks in the picture are well known in Lincoln as they are always together when walking through the city. Even when busy with shoppers and tourists they never fail to take their evening stroll. Roy usually prefers his duck on a plate together with a nice glass of red wine.
Ellie Halls Schiadas:
Ellie is co-founder of Leeds Gallery where the SUN Awards 24 will be exhibited through November and December this year. Leeds Gallery specialises in Photography, Illustration and Fine Art. Ellie studied at Central St. Martins college, becoming a freelance production designer and art director before setting up the Gallery. She runs a very successful life drawing group to keep her hand in. Her photograph was taken at Brimham Rocks in 2008. “I like it because it kind of looks like a diving board and that whoever steps on it is going to dive into some trees (!) There was another one which was of the actual rocks themselves, but when you zoom in it is blurry (bit of a shame)”.
Jonathan Oakes:
Jonathan is a well established photographer and has always been a frequent contributor to The SUN Awards. This image is one of his favourite portraits. He explains: “This was one of a series of a dozen different actors I shot over a day in London. I hired a selection of old picture frames as props. Oliver Bradshaw understood the idea straight away, his bemused but stoical look positioned in the corner of the ornate frame balanced the composition perfectly. I built a huge, cumbersome and probably very dangerous ring light just for the job, the flat shadowless light it gave brought out the gilt in the frames and put a weird highlight in the eyes. The results, published in a hardback book with contributions from 38 other photographers was both diverse and unique and I was really proud to have been involved.”
Dan Watkins:
Dan is the mastermind image refiner behind Papa Imaging. His expertise goes way back to the glorious days of film. He is not merely a “Photoshopper” but will go to the greatest of lengths to make the image “better than anybody expected”. Dan’s image of his son’s blue plastic spade is almost an antidote to the images he deals with on a daily basis. He says “I often see hundreds of beautiful ‘commercial’ images every week and after twenty plus years I know my perception is skewed. In some ways I’m numb to brilliance. But that’s not as egotistic as it might sound, because I work with great images every day; that’s what I expect and assume to see”. Thanks Dan where’s the bucket then?