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  1. Hi,
    I’m based in Edinburgh and i’m searching for second shooting/assistant experience or mentoring. I am based in the city centre but I’m willing to travel! I studied Fine Art at university so I’d like to work with creative, documentary styles rather than posed photography shoots. I’m interested in shooting weddings/styled shoots and I’m more than happy to do this at little cost to help build my portfolio. I use Canon 6D with 24-70mm and 50mm lenses and am prepared with lots of spare battery’s, memory cards etc. It’d be amazing to gain more experience and help build my confidence in this area. Any help much appreciated!

  2. Contact Number: 07541088751
    Example of work:
    Based in Manchester.
    Can work in Greater Manchester
    Looking to gain experience in studio based work. I am going into my second year at the university of Salford and have vast experience in location based shoots and events. I’ve photographed a number of weddings, and also worked for Picento, Blackpool pleasure beach which involved outdoor lighting and quick edit times to sell prints to public.

  3. Based in Salford – I can travel within the Greater Manchester area, reliant on public transport.
    email –
    Currently posting on a Facebook page
    Graduated University of Salford with a 2:2 BA Hons Photography in 2014 (3 year course), limited studio experience (mainly due to lack of support/quality equipment) however extremely willing to help out for experience. Fast learner with all things technical. I own a Canon 1100D with standard 17-55mm, Canon 50mm f1.8 & Tamron 70 – 300mm Zoom lens. Have used studio lighting 2/3 times since.

    Will help in return for experience.

  4. Scottish based Assistant with stills & filming experience needed Ec 8may-11th please get in contact

  5. Hey – I’m a freelance Photographer’s Assistant looking to expand my network.

    7 years as an agency Producer / Project Manager in a previous life, managing shoots for Nickelodeon, MTV and The Co-op, to name a few.

    – Knowledge of CaptureOne and Lightroom
    – Leeds based – willing to travel
    – Full UK Driving Licence

    +44 (0)7951 790532
    Personal portfolio:

  6. Hi Everyone

    LS Productions have recenlty opened up a base in Manchester and we are looking to expand our crew contacts for experienced photographers, photo assistants, digital operators and BTS shooters.

    Could you please email me your contact details, website, your experience and / or your CV if you are interested?



  7. Contact Details-

    Name- Louis Hull
    Phone- 07946717567

    Based- Manchester

    Recently graduated from LMU in photography

    Areas of interest- commercial/portraiture/fashion

    Skills- Photoshop, Lightroom, focus pulling, setting up and understanding lights, tethering programs such as capture one and phocus. I have experience in using many different cameras including medium and large format cameras. I am good at improvising to achieve the correct lighting.

    For the past 2 years I have been studying an Honors Degree in Photography at the LMU, which I have recently finished. It has now come to the point where I need to look for work in the areas in which I would like to work in the future. My interest lies in commercial photography work.

    Work history-

    I have assisted several Commercial photographer including, Sam Barker, Simon Rawles, Derek Heller and Julian Hanford.

  8. Hi, I am a Freelance Studio/Photographer’s Assistant working in the Leeds and Manchester. I have a First Class Honours Degree in Photography for Digital Media. I have worked for studios such as Prodoto Photographic Studios, Powerhouse Photography and Sue Wilson Photography. I also worked for a portraiture studio in Melbourne for 4 months whilst I was travelling for 18 months. I have also assisted Magnum/Nat Geo photographer Jonas Bendiksen for a documentary project in 2013.

    I have experience in assisting shoots for food, still life fashion and product photography and am keen to learn more and expand my skills as well as bring my enthusiasm and passion to any job. I have a car and full driving licence so can commute within the north of England easily.

    Please contact me at or via my website where you can see a selection of my work thus far.

    Thank you,


  9. Hi, I’m a photographer based around Manchester. I finished a 2 year photography course this summer and passed with D*D*D*. I’m just looking to gain experience wherever I can. I’ve interned for Elmakias last year which was a great experience. Ideally the career I want is to be a Music/Events photographer so anything involving live music i’d love to help.

    I don’t drive but anywhere around Manchester that’s easily reached or not too far in terms of getting lifts is fine.
    You can get a better idea of my skills by looking at my blog
    I have proficient Photoshop skills and relevant experience in the studio.

    You can contact me at

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