Cyan Sea notes

A page of links for those who attended Swimming the Cyan Sea

Thanks to Redeye for compilling these notes:

Swimming the Cyan Sea, 28 March 2006 – Links mentioned

The three main speakers:

Ed Horwich

Bob Marchant

Jack Lowe

Ed mentioned: (award and professional support) (key mailing list on digital imaging) (keywording info including compatible cataloguing software: see “programs”) (IPTC codes) (professional digital imaging website with influential forums)

Bob mentioned:
The three most important sets of standards: (pic4press guidelines) (CMYK ICC profiles – see “downloads”) (digital workflow forums) (ICC) (Colorsync)

Jack mentioned: (CMYK conversions) (profiles etc) (Colorthink software) (high end colour management) (Neil Barstow site: profiling etc)

Paul Herrmann mentioned: (Archiving) (draft guide on digital charges)